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We are Transforming Travels!

We organize mixed group tours and women-only group tours in a very offbeat fashion to various destinations across India. All our destinations are well-researched by us, groups are diverse and fun-loving and there is no age bar!
We are also Responsible Tourism practitioners and prefer to offer travel experiences that leave an overall positive impact on the guests and the host communities.

About Us

We specialize in organizing experiential group tours to offbeat destinations as well as mainstream places with a personal touch. Our group sizes are small as we work towards offering unforgettable travel adventures along with a lovely social experience.

Solo travelers don’t need to think twice before coming onboard as we say that you are joining solo until you meet us, and after that, we are a family. For us, age is just a number, and if you are fit and fun-loving, then leave your age at home and be a part of our tribe. Couples are more than welcome to join, and females can be assured of their safety and our concern towards them.

Did we mention that all the group tours organized by us have a fantastic group leader with you from start to end?

We arrange mixed-gender group tours as well as women-only trips too.

If group tours ain’t suitable for you, we can offer you a customized trip as well, after understanding your requirements.

Digital Detox Group Tour
Group at Leh Palace

On your own, you see. On a tour, you do.

Who we are?

What we do?

Why travel with us?

Responsible Tourism

Transforming Travels is a Responsible Tourism Practitioner!

Do we realize how our destinations are burdened with a load of tourism in the form of all kinds of pollution, traffic, water scarcity, resource depletion, and the extinction of wildlife, etc?
Do we think if these destinations and their culture will even be worth visiting after a couple of years if we stayed careless like this?

Have you ever thought about leaving an overall positive impact on a place while visiting it as a tourist? 

When we realize these responsibilities and travel as responsible tourists, the concept is known as responsible tourism. In fact, the onus of protecting a destination doesn’t lie only on the shoulders of tourists, but the destination makers as well such as hotel & homestay owners, local tour guides, transportation service providers, etc.

Responsible Tourism is being responsible for our own actions while visiting a place as a tourist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from the website, you can drop us a message on WhatsApp at 9999749677 requesting to add you to our broadcast list. Please save the number before sending the message else the broadcast messages won’t be delivered to you.

Please note that we have a minimum group size of 5 participants and one group leader on any trip. However, maximum group size varies from trip to trip. For some trips, such as Spiti or Ladakh, the maximum group size is 11 participants + 1 group leader. However, for trips to Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, the group size is 15 participants + 1 group leader and for the trips across South India, the max group size is 18 participants + 1 group leader. Our idea is always to keep a very small group size so that the personal touch isn’t lost.

No, we haven’t enabled the payments through the website as we never take any booking without having an email/ WhatsApp/ telephonic conversation. It’s important for us to know that participants have read the itinerary thoroughly, have everything clear, and then only we share the payment details.

So far, Transforming Travels has never canceled any group tour after confirming it. Since the future is uncertain and if we ever happen to cancel a trip then your entire money would be refunded. But, if the trip gets canceled due to circumstances beyond our control such as natural calamity, a political disturbance, or a scenario that is beyond our control, then a decision would be taken keeping the best possible situation for everyone in mind.

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