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Why Transforming Travels?

Because even if you join our group alone, you would meet your long-lost friends on the trip. You would never feel left out, but loved and cared for, in our groups. You go beyond sightseeing, travel offbeat, and share a friend-like relationship with the destinations, on our trips. We dive deep to explore the culture, cuisines, people, and hidden secrets of the places.

Mullyanagiri Peak Sunset

Female friendly

Transforming Travels is run by a female, and having a female founder enables us to keep our trips female-friendly. Our trips always experience a balanced female & male ratio offering a comfortable environment to everyone. We feel blessed when parents call us to book a solo trip for their daughters.

We arrange some women-only trips too.

Pangong Lake Ladakh trip

Small groups

Travel is more than just getting stuffed in a vehicle with a big crowd. Apart from exploring a destination, travel is about exploring people as well. It’s also about the personal touch from your travel organizer and getting to know your co-travelers.

Our group size is mostly limited to 16 people which enables us to add a personal touch to our services. Small group size also give our participants an opportunity in knowing each other well.

Bundi Group Tour Transforming Travels

Group Leader

Group leader is that string of our group tours that holds together the entire experience as he/ she plays a crucial role in executing the entire travel experience while ensuring a great social bonding within the group. Our group leaders are avid travelers and very down to earth people. As a matter of fact, they ain’t just group leaders, but they are storytellers, entrepreneurs, film-makers, photographers, writers, designers, trekkers, etc. Every group tour of Transforming Travels has a group leader throughout the trip, as well as local guides as well at the destination.

Tabo Monastery_Chandni Aggarwal

Responsible Travel

Do you know that the Indian traveler’s current way of traveling is injurious to the health of many destinations and their communities? The speed at which we are littering plastic everywhere, our insensitivity towards local culture and economies doesn’t offer any motivation to preserve their culture. The tours of Transforming Travels are conducted in the best possible responsible way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course you can join. As a matter of fact, most of our participants join alone itself. Our group leaders facilitate the interaction in such a way that everyone ends up bonding very well. Hence, you don’t need to think twice before joining alone.

You can definitely join our group tours with your friends or family. Just make sure that all your co-travelers are aware of the package and the itinerary before signing up, to avoid any conflicts later on.

We have hosted an age group of 18-70 in the same group. Any adult irrespective of age is more than welcome to join. Just make sure that you have completely read the itinerary and you are fine with all the elements of the trip. We also expect people to stay and bond together as a group without any kind of judgements towards each other. No one is a kid and no one is an aunty or uncle on our trips. Irrespective of your age, you would only be addressed using your first name.

We always target a minimum group size of 5 participants + 1 group leader and a maximum group size of 15 participants + 1 group leader.

Transforming Travels is run by a female founder which makes our trips more safer than anyone else’s, for any female participant. Moreover, we always get solo female travelers on all our trips. Our founder, Chandni Aggarwal, personally handles all the bookings and always available to clear any of your safety or trip related concerns.

There is always a group leader from our company who stays with the group from starting to ending. The group leader coordinates with drivers, guides, stay partners, and all bring the entire group together and bond them very well. Our group leaders are very well-traveled people, disciplined, but at the same time very informal and bring a lot of fun to the group.

To begin with, exact pick-up point details are shared on the itinerary page, and also in the preparatory emails before the trip. However, we understand that sometimes it becomes very tough to locate the group in public spaces. But you don’t need to worry as a WhatsApp group is also created before the trip and anyone facing trouble in reaching the pick-up point, is personally assisted by group leaders over the phone.

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