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We live to Travel!

We organize mixed group tours and women-only group tours in a very offbeat fashion to various destinations across India. All our destinations are well-researched by us, groups are diverse and fun-loving and there is no age bar!
We are also Responsible Tourism practitioners and prefer to offer travel experiences that leave an overall positive impact on the guests and the host communities.

Group Tours

Where strangers become long-lost friends!

Mixed groups

Where diversity, fun, and laughter are the essence!

Women-Only groups

Sisterhood, heart-to-heart warm chats, and unfiltered fun conversations!

Khardung La Ladakh

Mixed Group Tours

Our mixed group tours are open to everyone who considers themselves fit for the itinerary. We experience a majority of solo travelers whereas couples and small groups of friends also end up joining. Irrespective of age group, geography, culture, and profession, our entire group bonds very well just like long-lost friends. For solo travelers, the rooms are allotted together on a same-gender basis. We generally experience a very balanced gender ratio although we can’t commit. But we do commit to ensure a mentally, socially and physically safe enviornment for everyone who participates on our trips.

People bursting out in laughter, clicking pictures, singing, and dancing together are some of the common sights on such trips.

How do we ensure the safety of our participants in group tours?

It’s a very commonly asked question that how do we ensure the safety of our participants in such group tours.

First of all, we arrange everything professionally from transportation to guides, from hotel to the activities. Although you get a feeling of a very warm and informal atmosphere on board, behind the curtains, everything is planned professionally and meticulously. We have a strong ground-level network wherever we go that comes in handy in case of emergency situations.

Secondly, our trip bookings ain’t open to everyone and this is one of the reasons that we still haven’t enabled bookings through our website. We first have a conversation with the interested participants that help us in understanding their intention of joining the trip. If we ever feel that something is fishy or not right, then we don’t think twice before saying no to their booking. We also take Government ID proof of all the participants to validate their authenticity.

How to book a Transforming Travels’ adventure?

1. Choose your trips and dates

Go to the “All Tours” or “Upcoming Tours” page to browse through the available trips and decide which one suits you.

2. Read Itinerary and Essential Information

Do read the detailed itinerary thoroughly along with the cost structure, inclusions, exclusions, important information, packing list, pick-up plan, terms & conditions, etc.

3. Clarify your doubts/ concerns

Whatever questions you have after reading the detailed itinerary, please do clarify them with us over WhatsApp, phone call, or email. We want our participants to be 100% clear on the information before taking the payment for the trip.

4. Book your trip

You can get your slot(s) on the chosen trip confirmed by making the payment. We haven’t enabled the booking through the website but you can get the payment details from us via WhatsApp or email.

Are you ready to get Transformed?

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