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The Story of Transforming Travels

Transforming Travels is not just a dream of a passionate traveler who started the company, but now it’s also the favorite travel companion of those who don’t have anyone else to travel with. It’s a story of how strangers became close during our trips, how a mother-daughter became friends during a hike, or how a woman came out of her fears during a road trip.

We are a community of nice people who love to travel while meeting like-minded people. Transforming Travels is headed by a visionary female founder and wonderful globetrotting group leaders. Our participants, from extremely diverse backgrounds and age groups, are spread across the entire country.

The Initial Days…

Transforming Travels was initially started by Chandni Aggarwal only to provide village experiences across India. Her vision was to make people stay with the local families in the beautiful villages of India, and make them experience the untouched beauty, arts, crafts, festivals, and culture, and see the lifestyle of village folks closely. She believes that to experience the culture of a place, one must visit its villages as they still maintain the authenticity of their culture, far from the effect of Globalization. We took people to the remotest parts of Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand, offered them authentic cultural experiences, made them stay with local families and experience their lifestyle.

Our Family becoming big…

Our group tours are small, offer a great personal touch, and always accompanied by a group leader. During Transforming Travels first year, the founder Chandni Aggarwal lead more than 18 trips single-handedly. As we progressed, Chandni brought some amazing group leaders on board to lead the trips. She still leads the trips, but not each one of them.

Offbeat to Touristy…

As we grew, we learned the desire of our participants to explore the mainstream destinations as well as Transforming Travels. However, in the beginning, we were very skeptical about taking our tours to already very commercial destinations but over time, we realized that we must offer mainstream destinations as well to our participants as long as the trips to those places are also done by following the practices of responsible tourism, and with our special touch. Hence, over time, we added not so remote or touristy places to our list of adventures such as Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Ladakh, Tirthan Valley, Bharatpur, Bhutan, Sikkim etc. but with our special touch.

Addition of Women Only Programs

Being a female-run company, we always received good participation from women on our group tours as our trips offer a mentally & physically safe environment and an excellent social experience. As Transforming Travels began to become popular among female participants, Chandni was invited as a speaker at a prestigious women-only travel conference. That day, the numerous demands for women-exclusive trips came to her and she realized that women-only trips ain’t just about being safe, but they are about a sisterhood, unfiltered and honest conversations. Hence, we organized our first women-only trip on the weekend followed by International Women’s Day in 2018. The trip was led by Chandni. She says that it wasn’t just a wonderful experience with lovely ladies, but it was a trip full of love.

Current Focus…

After, we are focusing on expanding our operations across North India and also starting our trips in South India. Our focus is offbeat trips, village tours, mainstream places with our touch, and women-only trips.

Our Mission

Our mission is to take people on exciting journeys across India as well as outside India while practicing responsible tourism. We wish to offer as many offbeat, handcrafted, and signature trips as possible to our participants. We wish to understand the entire world, deeply, with our travelers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to add a share of happiness in the lives of people by offering unforgettable travel experiences while following the practices of responsible tourism. We also wish to make people well-aware of the natural, cultural, and geographical diversity of our country India, through travel.

Our Philosophy

You are alone until you meet us, and post that, we are a family traveling and exploring the world together. Let’s disconnect from the reality of our daily lives, the mundane life, and let’s get lost in the truth of the world that our hearts have been seeking, yearning for. Travel is our reality, our God! Traveling is like worshipping life for us. We breathe when we travel.

Let’s nurture our relationship with the places we visit. More than beautiful photos, souvenirs, and lifelong memories, let’s bring home some new recipes, relations, and some education. Let’s embrace this universe. Leave a part of us behind and bring a part of the place with us.
Let’s feel more human!

Meet Our Founder

Traveling is like breathing for me. I feel I am alive, and I am worshipping life when I travel.  Traveling is the purest, deepest, and truest form of opening up to life.
-Chandni Aggarwal

Chandni Aggarwal Founder Transforming Travels

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Chandni Aggarwal

Founder & CEO

When she took her first solo trip to Switzerland at the age of 21 for an educational conference, without ever exploring India on her own, little did she know that her travel affair is gonna last for a lifetime?

Chandni Aggarwal is an engineer by qualification, an entrepreneur by choice, and a traveler by heart. She left her job to sail onboard an educational voyage across Europe for almost 3 months, thinking of finding a new job after returning to India. Her voyage experiences inculcated a deep curiosity inside her to explore the hinterlands of her own country. A couple of days after her homecoming, she set on a few backpacking trips to understand India and satiate her curiosity. A couple of turns and twists later, she found herself running Transforming Travels.

Chandni loves to curate new travel experiences, and very often she also leads our group tours. She is a fun-loving and talkative person when she travels while staying committed to her work. She has also participated as a speaker in many tourism and travel-related events and startup conferences to motivate young talent.

Why Transforming Travels?

There are reasons why so many people recommend Transforming Travels
Travel Offbeat

Travel offbeat

Female Friendly

Female friendly

Solo Traveler Friendly

Solo-traveler friendly

Small Groups

Small groups

Diversity and Social Experience

Diversity & Social Experience

Group Leader

Group Leader

No Age Restriction

No age restriction

Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel

Well Researched Destinations

Well-researched Destinations

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