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Ajanta and Ellora Caves – The Epitome of Beauty

Haven’t you yet explored the most famous and ancient UNESCO World Heritage Sites of India – Ajanta & Ellora Caves? If not, then this is the time to explore these celebrated ancient rock-cut caves!


Starts: from Aurangabad

Ends: at Aurangabad

Group Type: Mixed Gender


Start: 14 Aug, 2024

End: 17 Aug, 2024

₹ 24000

₹ 22600

About the Tour

Do you want to undertake a short trip and visit Ajanta and Ellora Caves along with the gems of Aurangabad? This trip enables you to visit this destination when the weather is supposed to be perfectly pleasant without many touristy crowds around you. Lesser crowds are needed to be fully engrossed in these caves and make pretty pictures!

Ajanta and Ellora Caves are two of the most significant, celebrated, stunning, and intricate rock-cut caves in India. Did you know that both of these caves are UNESCO World Heritage Sites?

The Ajanta Caves feature 30 rock-cut caves that date from the 2nd century BCE to the 6th century CE. These caves are renowned for their intricate Buddhist murals, frescoes, and sculptures, which depict the life of the Buddha and various Jataka tales. The art in Ajanta is celebrated for its detailed portrayal of human emotion, nature, and spirituality, reflecting the zenith of ancient Indian craftsmanship. The caves served as monastic retreats for Buddhist monks and are considered masterpieces of Buddhist religious art, offering profound insights into ancient Indian culture and spirituality.

While Ajanta Caves reflect Buddhism, on the other hand, Ellora Caves represent the extraordinary blend of Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain sculptures. This also showcases the religious tolerance and harmony of ancient India. The Ellora Caves encompass 34 rock-cut caves that date from the 6th to the 10th centuries CE. The first 12 (1-12) Buddhist caves include monasteries and prayer halls with intricately carved sculptures. The next 17 Hindu caves (13-29) are renowned for their elaborate reliefs and monumental statues, with the Kailasa Temple (Cave 16) standing out as a colossal monolithic structure dedicated to Lord Shiva, carved entirely from a single rock. The 5 Jain caves (30-34) feature detailed carvings and iconography reflective of Jain theology and aesthetics. The Ellora Caves epitomize ancient India’s architectural ingenuity and artistic excellence, offering a comprehensive glimpse into the cultural and spiritual life of the era, and remain a significant testament to India’s rich heritage.

Just imagine yourselves walking through these beautiful masterpieces, getting lost in the frescoes & sculptures, and wondering how rich is Indian art!

While visiting Ajanta & Ellora Caves with Transforming Travels, you also get an opportunity to visit the gems of Aurangabad – Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga Mandir, Bibi Ka Maqbara, Daulatabad Fort, Panchakki and Aurangabad Caves.

Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga Mandir is a revered Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, representing one of the twelve Jyotirlinga shrines. It attracts countless devotees who seek blessings and wish to experience its serene, divine ambiance. While on the other hand, Bibi Ka Maqbara is a mausoleum. It was constructed by Aurangzeb’s son in the 17th century in memory of his mother, bearing resemblance to the iconic Taj Mahal. Daulatabad Fort is a medieval fortress renowned for its strategic location atop a conical hill. Originally built by the Yadava dynasty in the 12th century, it was later fortified by Alauddin Khalji. Panchakki, in Aurangabad, India, is a 17th-century marvel where an underground water channel powers a grinding mill. This serene site, with its intricate engineering, also houses a mosque, a madrasa, and the tranquil tomb of Sufi saint Baba Shah Musafir, blending spirituality and ingenuity harmoniously. The Aurangabad Caves are a group of twelve Buddhist caves located in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. Dating back to the 6th and 7th centuries, they showcase intricate rock-cut architecture, sculptures, and ancient Buddhist art.

Would you be interested in holding hands and romance with the ancient yet exquisite art & architecture? While visiting Ajanta and Ellora caves along with the jewels of Aurangabad, you ain’t only savoring the stories from amazing history guides, but also making picture-perfect photo shots at these locations!

Trip Highlights

Your Itinerary

You can land anytime and we will provide you transfer from Aurangabad Airport/railway station to the hotel. We will club people arriving one hour apart, in a single transfer.

Hotel Check-In time: 2 PM

You can enjoy the hotel, chill in the swimming pool, relax inside your room, or venture out to explore the Aurangabad market. We will gather in the evening, conduct group orientation & introduction followed by dinner and some amazing socializing games.

Group Orientation & Introduction in the evening
Dinner & Socializing

Overnight stay in a premium 4-star hotel in Aurangabad

Leave for Ajanta Caves
Ajanta Caves Tour
Lunch (cost excluded)
Start Driving to Aurangabad
Back to hotel

Overnight stay in a premium 4-star hotel in Aurangabad

Total Driving Time & Distance – 5 hrs/ 200 km

Early Breakfast
Grishneshwar Temple
Ellora Caves Excursion
Lunch (cost excluded)
Daultabad Fort
Back to hotel
Dinner & Social Evening

Overnight stay in a premium 4-star hotel in Aurangabad

Driving Time & Distance – 2 hrs/ 70 km

Hotel Check-Out
Bibi ka Maqbara
Aurangabad Caves
Exchanging warm hugs and plans to keep in touch
Aurangabad Airport Drop by 2 PM
Aurangabad Railway Station Drop by 2:30 PM

Trip Ends

Please note that if you want an airport/railway station drop which is different from above group timings, then we can arrange it but it would be chargeable. 

Booking/ Query

To book this trip, please Call/ WhatsApp/ Email using the below-mentioned details.

If you have any questions or concerns, then please feel free to contact us using the below-mentioned details. Alternatively, fill this form and our team will get back to you at their earliest.

Call/ WhatsApp : +91 9999 74 9677


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