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Offbeat Kashmir: Gurez, Bangus, Teetwal, Kalaroos

How about deviating from the regular touristy trail of Kashmir, and experiencing the untouched beauty & culture of this heaven on earth?

Jammu & Kashmir

Starts: from Srinagar

Ends: at Srinagar

Group Type: Mixed Gender


Start: 18 May, 2024

End: 25 May, 2024

₹ 36000

About the Tour

Offbeat Kashmir – Join this trip if you want to be astonished by what the offbeat trails of Kashmir have to offer! Do you want to adventure in some of the least visited areas of Kashmir, meet locals, witness traditional wooden Kashmiri houses, eat a meal in one of these houses, get mesmerized by beautiful landscapes, and enjoy the thrill of visiting some border villages? Let’s experience Kashmir in its untouched form and the luxury of locals opening up their hearts to us!

Sometimes a poet’s muse and sometimes a traveler’s indelible first love—Kashmir will always be the land of dreamers. The crown of the country is considered a heaven on earth, not just because of its beauty. It has so much more to offer.

Have you ever wondered about the hidden gems of Kashmir?

Gurez Valley, a lesser-known place in Kashmir is nestled within the Himalayan range of Jammu and Kashmir. It enchants visitors with its natural & geographical splendor. Dominated by the towering peak of Habba Khatoon, it boasts lush meadows, dense forests, and the meandering blue Kishanganga River. Gurez Valley has a timeless charm. A place so beautiful, yet so slow life, that paces at its rhythm. A visit to Gurez Valley is incomplete without further driving to Tulail Valley which doesn’t offer only the mystique landscapes, but a sneak-peak into the traditional Kashmiri life. You get to witness the beautiful dark brown loghouses that make you feel as if you have time-traveled to a place that existed decades ago.  Won’t you fancy settling down in one of these villages, living in one of these wooden houses, and enjoying the pleasures of simple living? Its strategic location near the Line of Control adds an aura of mystique.

Did we tell you that when you drive from Srinagar to Gurez Valley, you experience the adrenaline rush of traversing through Razdan Pass, located at an altitude of 11700 feet? Razdan Pass connects Gurez Valley to the rest of Kashmir. It’s an extremely strategic route, crucial for transportation, and providing access to the picturesque Gurez Valley.

Bangus Valley is another offbeat yet astounding place in Kashmir. Towering peaks encircle the valley, while dense forests and alpine meadows carpet the vast green terrain. When you are looking from the far, you’ll see the endpoints of the valley dotted with tiny wooden cottages. Crystal-clear streams dance through the valley, reflecting the azure sky above. Doesn’t all this paint a picture of an ideal landscape in your heart, the kind of landscapes you have seen only in the paintings? This place is a haven for nature lovers who seek moments of true peace far from the noise of touristy places.

Did we tell you that you also get to visit an Indo-Pak border village during this trip? 

Can you imagine the thrill of embarking on a journey to a border village, that too an Indo-Pak border? Teetwal is the border village in the Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir, India. Situated along the Line of Control (LoC) that separates India-administered Kashmir from Pakistan-administered Kashmir, Teetwal holds strategic significance. The village boasts scenic beauty, with the Kishanganga River flowing through, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding Himalayan mountains. It also showcases the resilience and hospitality of its inhabitants amidst the challenges posed by its proximity to the border.

Let’s embark on a lifetime adventure to the hidden gems of our very own paradise on earth, and fill our hearts with the joy that Kashmir has to offer. These offbeat areas offer the luxury of experiencing the untouched scenic beauty, feeling the timelessness of places, a slow way of living, meeting the Kashmiri people, and a sneak peek into their lives! Doesn’t it become one of the best travel memories when local people open their hearts to us?

Trip Highlights

Your Itinerary

Please land latest by 2:30 PM at Srinagar Airport (Sheikh ul-Alam International Airport).
Airport Code: SXR

After everyone collects their baggage (3 PM), we’ll begin our program for the day.

Note: If you ain’t able to find a flight that suits the above timings, please arrive a day early. We can book your hotel & airport pickup (chargeable basis).

Group Orientation & Introduction
Shikara Ride
Walk along the Dal Lake & absorb the beautiful vibes
Houseboat check-In

Overnight stay in houseboat(s) in Srinagar

Driving Time & Distance – 1 hr/ 25 km

Houseboat Check-Out
Departure for Gurez Valley
Mansbal Lake
Wular Lake Vantage Park
Razdan Pass
Arrival in Gurez Valley (Dawar Village)
Hotel Check-In
Witness Habba Khatoon Peak

Overnight stay in a hotel in Dawar Village

Driving Time & Distance – 5.5 hrs/ 145 km

Tulail Valley
Chhoti Tulail
Angaikot Village
Back to Dawar
Khandiyal Top

Overnight stay in a hotel in Dawar Village

Driving Time & Distance – 5 hrs/ 80 km

Check-Out from Dawar Guesthouse
Gurez Museum
Kishanganga River View
Peer Baba Dargah
Arrival in Kupwara
Guesthouse Check-In

Overnight stay in a guesthouse in Chandigam Lolab

Driving Time & Distance – 6 hrs/ 160 km

Sadhna Pass
Sharda Peeth
Teetwal Border Village
Start driving back to Chandigam Lolab
Back to Guesthouse

Overnight stay in a guesthouse in Chandigam Lolab

Driving Time & Distance – 8 hrs/ 100 km

Leave for Bangus Valley
Chhoti Bangus
Badi Bangus
Back to the base
Start driving back to Chandigam Lolab
Back to Guesthouse

Please note that Bangus Valley is like a vast beautiful meadow. You can either sit at one place, relax, rest, and soak in the beauty of the place. You can also trek (very easy, like an up-and-down walk) from Badi Bangus to Choti Bangus to enjoy different views.

Overnight stay in a guesthouse in Chandigam Lolab

Driving Time & Distance – 4.5 hrs/ 130 km

Guesthouse Check-Out
Drive to Kalaroos
Visit Kalaroos Caves (easy to moderate climb/1 km one way)
Lunch in a Kashmiri home
Leave for Srinagar
Enjoy the scenic drive
Hotel Check-In

Overnight stay in a premium 3-star hotel in Srinagar

Driving Time & Distance – 5 hrs/ 120 km

Wake up leisurely
Hotel Check-Out
Exchanging warm hugs and plans to keep in touch
Srinagar Airport by 11:45 AM

Trip Ends

Please note that we expect to drop participants at the airport by 11:45 AM. We recommend participants book a flight after 1:45 PM.

Please book your return flights from Srinagar Airport (Sheikh ul-Alam International Airport).
Airport Code: SXR

Booking/ Query

To book this trip, please Call/ WhatsApp/ Email using the below-mentioned details.

If you have any questions or concerns, then please feel free to contact us using the below-mentioned details. Alternatively, fill this form and our team will get back to you at their earliest.

Call/ WhatsApp : +91 9999 74 9677


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