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Tag: rural India

Girls in himalayan village with Chandni from Transforming Travels

Responsible Tourism – Practices for traveling responsibly

What is Responsible Traveling? As the name suggests, responsible traveling or responsible tourism means that the travelers and destination makers are responsible towards their way of traveling/operating so that only good can be left through tourism. In last few decades, tourism has overloaded the destinations with irresponsible practices resulting in

Kids of a village in bhimtal

Weekend Retreat to a Himalayan Village – Alchauna

Alchauna, near Bhimtal is a tiny hamlet along the banks of Kalsa River in Uttarakhand. I went there with a group of 18 soul-inspiring women from all walks of life to celebrate Women`s Day Weekend. The trip was meticulously organized by Chandni Aggarwal from Transforming Travels, a travel based company