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Japan – the land of rising sun

Japan, the land of the rising sun, deserves at least one visit in a traveler’s lifetime, to experience the captivating blend of ancient traditions and modern innovations, delicious cuisine, stunning landscapes, warm hospitality, and unique cultural experiences that promise an unforgettable journey of discovery.


Starts: from Tokyo Airport (HND/NRT)

Ends: at Osaka Airport (KIX)

Type: Mixed Gender


Start: 1:30 PM, 8 Sep 2024

End: 10 AM, 15 Sep 2024

₹ 1,85,000

₹ 1,81,000

About the Tour

Join this trip if you want to experience the best of Japan in 8 days. Our “Japan – the land of rising sun” tour starts from the vibrant city of Tokyo, takes you to the natural wonder of Mt. Fuji followed by a visit to the city of Hirsohima. The last leg of the trip enables you to romance with the timeless & charming Kyoto. But do remember, this tour is for the people with a true traveler’s mindset!

Japan is one of a kind! A country where one can see the rare yet harmonious blend of ancient traditions and cutting-edge technology, along with bustling cities, picturesque landscapes, world-renowned cuisines like sushi and ramen, a rich cultural heritage reflected in art, architecture, and festivals, and unparalleled hospitality and politeness of its people!

Who would believe that a country, once completely torn by the nuclear attack on its major cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and been destroyed so many times by earthquakes & Tsunami, would still rise to become one of the global powers? But Japan has done that beautifully while embracing its culture & old traditions.

Tokyo, Japan’s bustling capital, offers a mesmerizing fusion of modernity and tradition. One can dive into the vibrant chaos of Shibuya Scramble Crossing, marvel at the towering heights of Shibuya Sky, explore the serene beauty of traditional gardens like Shinjuku Gyoen, walk through the neon-lit neighborhoods, and indulge in delectable street food & some street shopping on Asakusa Street.

About 100 kilometers southwest of Tokyo, lies the domination of the magnificent Mount Fuji. Did you know that Mount Fuji, located at an elevation of 12389 feet, is Japan’s highest peak and still an active volcano? Mount Fuji is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, holds immense cultural and spiritual significance in Japan, and is also an iconic symbol of the country.

But, you haven’t truly explored Japan if you haven’t spent a few days in timeless Kyoto. It is located at a distance of roughly 350 km from the Mount Fuji viewpoint and is the cultural heart of Japan. Kyoto beckons with its vintage allure and allows you to wander through centuries-old temples and shrines, immerse yourself in Kyoto’s renowned cuisine. You can wander through the Gion district, indulge in traditional tea ceremonies, and witness the preserved wooden machiya houses, offering glimpses into Japan’s rich cultural heritage.

Did you know that Gion in Kyoto is one of the few places in Japan where the traditional geisha culture is still preserved? A geisha is a traditional Japanese entertainer skilled in music, dance, and conversation. They wear elaborate kimono and makeup and entertain guests at tea houses and gatherings with their artistic talents.

How can we say that our trip to Japan is complete without visiting Fushimi Inari Shrine? It’s famous for its iconic rows of thousands of vibrant red torii gates, which wind their way up Mount Inari. Fushimi Inari Shrine is one of the most Instagrammable places in Japan, along with the mesmerizing natural wonder named Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. This enchanting bamboo forest features towering bamboo stalks that create a tranquil and surreal atmosphere.

While visiting the cultural hearts, bustling cities, and the natural wonders of Japan, we will also be embarking on a soul-nourishing culinary journey. Be it Sushi, Sashimi, Udon, Ramen, Tempura, Gyoza, or matcha, Japanese food reflects the country’s deep appreciation for nature and culinary artistry. But mind you, you should be an experimental connoisseur to experience the delights of Japanese cuisine.

Have you ever thought about what sets a trip to Japan, apart from any other destination in the world? These are the daily encounters of a tourist with the innovative technology of Japan. Be it the world-famous smart Japanese toilets, bullet trains, cashless payments, robotic restaurants, smart accommodations, etc. Technological features are embedded so much in everyday life that a tourist keeps getting surprised by the convenience offered by the same.

Will you be interested in holding our hands and exploring “Japan – the land of the rising sun” with Transforming Travels?

Trip Highlights

Visa for Japan

Please note that the Japan visa is not included in our package, but we can guide you and provide you assistance in the same. Indian Passport Holders can enter Japan with an Electronic visa. Your passport along with a few documents needs to be submitted to to VFS. Please note that your passport should be valid for 6 months from the date of travel.

Our package cost is also valid only for Indian Passport Holders. If you don’t possess the same, it’s your responsibility to inform the same to us before booking this package.

Your Itinerary

Please land by 12 noon in Tokyo. You can land either at Haneda Airport (Airport Code: HND) or Narita International Airport (Airport Code: NRT).

Pickup Schedule (Group Transfers):

Pickup will be at 1:30 PM from both the airports.

Please note that the standard hotel check-in time in Japan is  3 PM. 

Note: We can book your flights at a good price. If your flight schedule doesn’t match the group pickup schedule mentioned here, please note that you need to manage your hotel arrival on your own. We can guide you in the same. If you wish to come a day early or stay back an extra day, we can assist in hotel bookings as well. 

After Hotel Check-in,
Group Introduction & Orientation
TeamLab Planets
Free time at Odaiba (Statue of Liberty, Rainbow Bridge)
Shibuya Sky Tower
Shibuya Crossing
Hachiko Statue
Free time at Shibuya

Overnight in a 4-star hotel in Tokyo

Meiji Shrine
Walk around Takeshita Street
Shikunju Gyoen National Garden
Asakusa – Sensoji Temple & Nakamise Shopping Street
Samurai – Ninja Museum
Back to hotel

Overnight in a 4-star hotel 

Hotel Check-Out & proceed for Mt. Fuji
(Handover large suitcase (1 per person – 20 kg max) to hotel reception for transfer to Hiroshima. The luggage will be delivered to you the next day. Please keep your urgent and 1 night stuff in cabin baggage and carry the same with you for tonight.)
Mt Fuji – 5th Station
Hakone Ropeway
Lake Ashi Cruise
Back to hotel
Onsen Public Bath (optional, directly payable)

Note: Mt. Fuji view is subject to weather conditions. Also, In case the road to Mt. Fuji is not open then a different route for view of Fuji shall be offered. Additional cost might be applicable.

Overnight in a 4-star hotel in Hakone

Hotel Check-Out
Bullet Train Journey (economy class) from Odawara station to Hiroshima
Hotel Check-In
Lunch Break
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park – Atomic Bomb Dome
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
Back to Hotel

Stay overnight in a 4-star hotel in Hiroshima

Hotel Check-Out
(Handover large suitcase (1 per person – 20 kg max) to hotel reception for transfer to Hiroshima. The luggage will be delivered to you the next day. Please keep your urgent and 1 night stuff in cabin baggage and carry the same with you for tonight.)
Miyajimaguchi to Miyajima Island (via ferry)
Take 2 way cable car – ropeway to Mount Misen
Itsukushima Shrine
Floating Torii Gate
Take Bullet Train to Kyoto
Hotel Check-In

Overnight in a 4-star hotel in Kyoto

Fushimi Inari Shrine
Kinkakuji Temple visit (Golden Pavilion)
Arashiyama Bamboo Grove
Free time
Walking tour of Gion (Geisha) District
Try Kimono – Japanese National Dress (optional, cost not included, rental cost varies between INR 1500-3000)
Back to hotel

Overnight in a 4-star hotel in Kyoto

Hotel Check-Out
Todaiji Temple
Nara Deer Park
Lunch Break
Osaka Castle
Umeda Sky Building (for night view)
Hotel Check-In

Overnight in a 4-star hotel in Osaka

Hotel Check-Out
Airport Drop by 10 AM

Trip Ends

Please note that we expect to drop participants at Kansai International Airport, Airport Code: KIX  by 10 AM. We recommend participants book a flight after 1 PM. Please note that if your flight schedule doesn’t match the group schedule published here, then you need to manage your drop at your own expense. We can assist in bookings.

Booking/ Query

If you have any questions or concerns, then please feel free to contact us using the below-mentioned details. Alternatively, fill this form and our team will get back to you at their earliest.

This trip can also be personalized as per your needs, with your friends & family. If interested, please reach out to us.

To book this trip, please Call/ WhatsApp/ Email using the below-mentioned details.

Call/ WhatsApp : +91 9999 74 9677


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